Sanctuary Spa Beauty Sleep Journal Gift Set

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Brand: Sanctuary

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Relieve everyday pressures & stresses & enhance your wellbeing to stay calm, de-stress & catch every ounce of sleep. Treat your mind with our advanced formulations with a scientifically proven fragrance to help you fall asleep quicker & for longer.

This gift set contains:

Sleep Mist 50ml

De-stress Warming Body Balm 75ml

Beauty Sleep Recovery Mask 30ml

Sleeping Eye Mask

How to use:

Sleep Mist 50ml: With a patented fragrance, treat your skin to this high-performance mist to combat signs of ageing & tiredness, providing long-lasting hydration & helps you wake completely refreshed & radiant. SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN FRAGRANCE TO HELP YOU FALL ASLEEP FASTER FOR LONGER

De-stressing Warming Body Balm 75ml: Take time to pamper yourself in the run up to bedtime with this self-heating, unwinding & calming moisturising balm. Ease away the day & relieve those muscles, locking essential moisturising oils for your body's skin restoration.

Beauty Sleep Recovery Mask 30ml: Simply apply to dry skin, relax and drift off to sleep.

Wake up to skin that looks restored, revitalised and a little more fabulous. THE BLEND: Youth boosting Tetrapeptide Calming Camomile Relaxing Lavender Sleeping Eye Mask