Blank Canvas - Cosmetics One Stop Brow Brush Set

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One Stop Brow Brush Set

This set contains 5 perfectly shaped brow brushes for those perfect shaped eyebrows we all want. Shape your brows, shape your face! This is the ultimate brow set. You'll never need another brow brush again.

All brushes are handmade, using high quality anti-bacterial, easy to clean, Vegan friendly hair and all brushes work great with cream, gel, liquid or powder products.

The E30
The E30 is a multi-purpose double-ended eye brush from our Pro Deluxe Series. Use the spoolie side to comb through brows or lashes. The angled side is great for liner, filling in eyeliner or brows.

  • Lash groomer
  • Brow groomer
  • Eyebrow definer

The E81
Super Fine Eyeliner/Brow Brush

  • Natural Eye-line
  • Winged Eye-line
  • Eyebrow definer
  • Apply eyeliner (natural or dramatic winged) or use to fill in eyebrows with precision.

The E88
Angled Brow Brush

  • Brow Definer
  • Eyeliner

Create definition and texture to brows or a dramatic liner to your favourite eye look

The E89
Mini Painter Style Concealer

  • Cut Crease
  • Concealer
  • Eyeshadow application
  • Contour

Use to apply your favourite cream or powder eyeshadows/cut crease or for concealing under eye areas.

The E94
Sharp Angled Brow/Liner

  • Brow Grooming
  • Sharp Angle
  • Winged Liner

Nothing but brow/eyeliner precision with this sharp angled brush.


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