Bperfect Cosmetics - 10 Second Tan Self Tan Eraser

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Brand: Bperfect

Self Tan Eraser

Use the 10 Second Tan Eraser to remove old tan and prep your skin for your next tanning session.

10 Second Tan Eraser is a unique multi-purpose product specifically formulated to quickly remove self tan, cleanse, prime and prep your skin.

Self Tan Eraser contains a special blend of natural and organic plant extracts with reputed skin conditioning benefits. All of this and like all the 10 Second Tan range – it smells devine! Strawberry scented.

How to use:  

  • Shake the dispenser before use and apply generously to dry skin on the areas you want to remove tan from.
  • Work to a lather and leave on for 5-8 minutes.
  • Shower off using warm water and face towel or mitt to remove tan residue.
  • Ensure all the remover product is rinsed off. Pat skin dry.
  • Works best on tan that has been on for 3+ days.
  • Can be applied using hands or mitt.