Ciara Daly - My Hero Brush

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My Hero Brush

Have you nearly given up trying to create the perfect base?

Are you wasting more product on the brush/sponge/fingers than on your face?
Is buffing and dabbing taking far too long only to give you brush strokes and an un-blended finish?
Then we have the answer for you, introducing the amazing My Hero Brush...
Ciara Daly's biggest selling product and a firm favorite with makeup lovers of all ages.
My Hero Brush is renowned in the makeup industry as a "game changer-can't live without go-to product'
This easy to use brush will save you time applying makeup, save you money on your foundation product, and give you that flawless professional finish, that only your experienced makeup artists seem to achieve.
Key features:
  • Millions of bristles- making the density of the brush perfect partner for any liquid foundation.
  • Kabuki style handle, making application comfortable and easy.
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • perfect size for makeup and handbag