Orofluido Elixir Hair Oil

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Brand: Orofluido

Orofluido Beauty Elixir Hair Oil 100ml is the beauty world’s original elixir. Containing a careful infusion of three natural oils, argan, cyperus and linseed, this intense elixir rewards your hair with remarkable silkiness, lightness and a natural shine. With UVA/UVB filters, this elixir works to protect all hair colours and types from the damaging effects of sun exposure whilst minimising frizz and increasing hair’s manageability. Give your hair extra body and movement whilst maintaining discipline and flexibility.

How to Use:

Damp hair:  Apply a pea sized amount to pre-cleansed, pre-conditioned, towel dried hair. Using fingertips work the elixir from roots to ends allowing for an even distribution. Elixir works to reduce drying time, whilst leaving hair feeling light, silky and easy to comb.

Dry hair:  Apply any time to reward your hair with this rapidly absorbing luxuriance. Leaving no residue this elixir works perfectly as a pre-styling primer. Equally, add a few drops before sun exposure to help safeguard hair from environmental damage.