EYEBROWQUEEN - Brow Fix 30ml

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Say HELLO to the EyebrowQueen Brow Fix. This waterproof formula is designed to keep your brow hairs and brow products in place for longer. The easy-to-use dropper and applicator brush promote gentle application as you disperse the product through the hairs. The brow fix offers lightweight coverage, helping to create a strong-hold finish without causing unwanted textures. Keep your brows looking shaped and styled.

Directions: Apply one drop to the Spoolie Brush and brush and set the brows into the desired position. Dab a small amount over your brow make up to seal it all day long.

EYEBROWQUEEN TIP: Wait a few seconds for the brush to dry before you brush the Brow Fix through brows. I also like to use the fine angled end of the Essential Brow Brush to apply the smallest amount of Brow Fix over make up precisely and hold it in place.