Glov Reuseable Make Up Remover Moon Pads - 2 pack

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Brand: GLOV

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Experience out-of-this-world skin, with the GLOV Moon Pads x2 Eco. The luxuriously soft material that covers the pads glides across the skin, effortlessly removing makeup, dirt and grime. You can also be kind to the environment while being kind to your skin, as the reusable pads replace nearly 500 single-use cotton ones, making them highly eco-friendly.

Thorough scrubbing is usually required when removing makeup with cotton pads, making them harsh and slightly abrasive - especially if you have sensitive skin. The Moon Pads are soft to the touch and can eliminate even thick makeup, leaving your skin flawlessly cleansed.

The Set Contains:

2 x moon pads


Apply water or cleanser to a pad, and gently glide across your skin until clean.