Indeed Laboratories - Cleanse & Hydrate Kit

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Cleanse & Hydrate Kit


3 Fan-Favourite Products in 1 Limited-Edition Kit.

Deeply cleanse & hydrate your skin with this power-packed, science-backed duo of skincare products!

This kit contains the essentials for perfectly cleansed and hydrated skin:

  • watermelon melting balm, an oil-based cleansing balm that melts onto skin
  • 10balm, an intensive soothing cream to repair and revitalise sensitive, dry skin and;
  • a microfibre cleansing cloth to help enhance the cleansing experience.

Watermelon melting balm creates a gentle lather when mixed with water to dissolve makeup, dirt and oils, all while nourishing dry and dehydrated skin. Using watermelon and hemp (Cannabis Sativa) seed oils, which are concentrated in antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins A and E, this cleansing balm deeply conditions skin leaving it bright, glowing and healthy. Size: 3.4 US fl.oz. / 100ml

10balm soothing face cream brings comfort to irritated, distressed and sensitive skin while providing essential nourishment, comfort and hydration. Packed with a high concentration of 10 of nature’s most powerful healing ingredients, 10balm tackles a common skin concern – sensitivity. Size: 1.0 fl oz/30 ml

With soft satin edges, the Indeed Labs facial cloth is designed in our signature hot pink with Indeed Laboratories embroidered in white on the corner. The soft yet effective 100% polyester makeup-removing cloth is the perfect addition to your cleansing routine. Simply wet with warm water before rubbing face in gentle circular motions to wash away makeup. Perfect for daily or on-the-go use. Size: 11.75″ by 11.75″ / 29.85cm by 29.85cm

Key Ingredients: 

Watermelon Melting Balm Refined Hemp Seed Oil: Due to its rich concentration of fatty acids and antioxidants, hemp seed oil provides deep nourishment to skin, leaving it healthy and glowing. Watermelon Seed Oil: This concentrated source of antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin E, helps to condition and brighten skin. Bisabolol: A natural, powerful remedy for very sensitive and easily inflamed or irritated skin. It helps to address common concerns like premature ageing, lack of moisture, sebum oxidation, sensitivity, and skin discolouration.

10balm Honey Extract: A natural hydro-regulating complex used to soothe, smooth and moisturise the skin. Propolis Extract: An ancient healer known to help with the healing process. Pollen Extract: Contains minerals, vitamins, proteins and more for healthy, glowing skin. Royal Jelly Extract: One of the most powerful nutrients to fight against ageing and inflammatory skin conditions. It contains 17 amino acids and is full of B vitamins. Bisabolol: A natural powerful remedy for very sensitive and easily irritated skin. It helps to address dehydration, sensitivity, sebum oxidation control, premature ageing and skin discolouration. Arnica Extract: Has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help those with inflammatory skin disorders. It stimulates the forming of granular tissues to accelerate the skin healing process. Arnica can be used on bruises, sunburns and minor burns. Allantoin: Helps to rebuild the skin from the inside out by stimulating cell turnover. Vitamin E: Protects cell membranes from damage (lipid peroxidation) caused by oxygen free radicals and prevents sun-inflicted premature ageing of the skin. Baobab Seed Oil: The ultimate skin protector thanks to its nourishing powers. Buriti Oil: High in beta-carotene and contains vitamin C to help rebuild collagen. 

How To Use:

Watermelon Melting Balm
Apply onto dry skin with dry hands and massage to dissolve makeup and dirt. Add warm water to emulsify and lather, and continue to massage for 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. May also be removed with a soft, damp cloth. Can be used in the AM and/or PM.

Tip: As a balm, the formula does not contain water and therefore the texture can change in different temperatures. We recommend massaging the tube between your palms and storing your balm in a warmer room for ultimate ease of use.

Indeed Labs facial cloth
Wet with warm water and gently rub face in circular motion to wash away makeup. Machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle and tumble dry low.