Made By Mitchell - Blursh Sweet Cheeks

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Mitchell made me Blursh…

BLURSH was formulated for the blush lovers.

"I’m a blush addict, but one thing I’ve always found with liquid blushers is that it would separate my base makeup….. until BLURSH was made. It’s a liquid to powder finish, allowing it to be layered underneath or over the top of your base makeup."

How to use:

To apply BLURSH, I stipple my product using the MF1 brush onto the high points of the cheeks down towards the apples of the cheeks. The best way to find your cheeks is to SMILE from ear to ear! I then take either a sponge or the MF3 brush to diffuse the BLURSH into the cheeks.

Colour Description:

A bubble-gum pink, ideal for a flush of colour. Perfect for the lightest of skin tone to a medium skin tone.

Sweet Cheeks is about to have you looking like a doll!