Neonail Duo Acrylgel 15G

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Brand: Neonail

Duo Acrylgel - a combination of acrylic strength and lightness and elasticity of gel.
The product provides:
  • dense consistency - does not flow onto the skin
  • the possibility of extending and modeling nails
  • permanent stylizations - nails very resistant to damage,
  • extension of 5 nails simultaneously - without fear of moving the product on the plate
  • application using the template
  • comfortable work without haste - curing in the LED lamp without feeling the heat
  • lack of unpleasant smell

Professional Acrylgel Duo is easier and faster in application compared to a traditional gel with a thinner consistency. When the regrowth occurs, you can top up the product by applying Duo Acrylgel after removing the color. Then just develop the nail and apply a color gel polish.