Neonail UV Gel Polish Hard Top

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Brand: Neonail

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TOP HARD UV GEL nail polish is used as a rinse aid for colour UV Gel nail polishes.
Its formula provides even better shelf life, glossiness and resistance to splashing.
Fast application of UV Gel nail polish and curing guarantee durability and color saturation.

How to use:

Always shake well before use.



STEP 1. Give the nails the desired shape. Carefully push the nail skin back with a wooden stick or nail pusher. Then file the nail surface with the NeoNail Buffer and remove any dust formed with a brush.

STEP 2. Degrease the nails with the NeoNail Cleaner.

STEP 3. Add the UV HARD BASE coat as a primer and allow it to cure under LED or UV light. (Do not wipe the nails with the cleaner afterwards).

STEP 4. Apply the UV NAIL GEL POLISH in the colour of your choice and allow it to cure under LED or UV light. Do not wipe the nails afterwards. Repeat the process.

STEP 5. Apply the UV HARD TOP to give a very clear shine effect and allow it to cure under LED or UV light.

Then clean your nails with the cleaner.

STEP 6. For extra care, use a nail oil.



STEP 1. Roughen the UV nail polish with a file.

STEP 2. Soak a nail wraps with UV nail polish remover or acetone, wrap tightly around the finger and allow to work for about ten minutes.

STEP 3. Remove the UV nail polish with a wooden stick or a metal nail pusher.