Semilac - 10 Nail transfer foil Grey Marble

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Brand: Semilac

10 Semilac Nail transfer foil Grey Marble

Grey Marble foil is a nail art transfer foil that creates a pattern on the nails like a marble surface. This stylish, simple way of decorating nails in a classic combination of white, black and grey is an absolute must-have.

The marble effect transfer foil can be applied to the entire nail or you can create patterns of a specific shape. If you like the effect of a beautiful marble nails, but you like to experiment from time to time - try to add something from yourself. Grey Marble, accompanied with gold or silver nail art, will surely add a bolder character to the styling.

To apply it, we recommend using Semilac Transfer Foil Glue, but the foil can also be applied to the cured layer of gel polish or a classic top coat (with a dispersion layer).

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