Semilac - Acetone (Available in 4 sizes)

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Brand: Semilac

Semilac Acetone


Semilac Acetone is a high-quality cosmetic acetone for removing Semilac gel polish.

Below you can find out what is cosmetic acetone and what it is used for.

Semilac High Quality Cosmetic Acetone has a dermatological testing certificate

Acetone - what is this product?

Semilac cosmetic acetone is a high-quality liquid for removing hybrid nails (gel polish). So it will come in handy when your stylization needs to be removed. Importantly, cosmetic acetone will not get rid of the hybrid varnish in the same way as you can wash off a classic manicure with standard varnish remover. In order for cosmetic acetone to effectively remove Semilac hybrid varnish, you must follow certain rules. How to remove a hybrid manicure with acetone? You will find the answer below.

Ingredients: Acetone, Lanolin.