Semilac Base - Top No Wipe Blinking Gold & Green Flakes

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Brand: Semilac

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Top No Wipe Blinking Gold & Green Flakes

Top No Wipe Blinking Gold & Green Flakes is a simple way to turn your standard colour into blinking manicure variation  In the proven 'No Wipe' formula that does not require wiping with nail cleaner, we have we enriched the top coat with thousands of sparkling flakes of various sizes in the amazing gold and green colour.

  • Use it the top to finish a bright colour stylization - it will add a refreshing glow with subdued blue and bold purple effect
  • Use it with dark-coloured manicure and the top will bring out the power of stunning gold and green colours from the flakes closed in this Top coat

It is amazing way to refresh your gel polish nails in the colours you already have in your collection. Simply use one of the Semilac Top coat from 'BLINK BLINK' collection


AcrylatesCopolymer,HEMA,PentaerythritylTetramercaptopropionate, TrimethylbenzoylDiphenylphosphineOxide,HydroxycyclohexylPhenylKetone,Silica,Mica,p-Hydroxyanisole,CI77499.