Semilac Starter Set - TRY ME 36w LED Lamp

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Brand: Semilac

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Semilac Starter Set - TRY ME 36w LED Lamp


 * UV nail products close to expiration

What makes New SEMILAC GEL POLISH TRY ME set different? There is a great 36w LED lamp designed for curing all hybrid varnishes and Semilac gels. The lamp is equipped with a motion sensor, automatically activating it (when you put your hand in it) and a low heat mode, which gradually increases the heating of the lamp. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the product will cure properly and the process will be comfortable.

Set contains:

36W UV / LED White Bridge Lamp
Semilac Base 3ml,
Semilac Top 3 ml,
Semilac Colour 7ml - Choose from Last Christmas, Berry Nude or Elegant Cherry
Semilac 032 Biscuit 3ml - This is one of the most delicate & neutral gel polish color thats why it is perfect for the french manicure.
Semilac 231 Girl on fire 3ml -A manicure in the colour of classic red fits each of us and gives us confidence.
250 pcs cotton pads,
Semilac Acetone 50 ml,
Semilac Nail Cleaner 50 ml,
Mini Polisher.

*Lamp with Type C electrical plug (Europlug)  - UK travel adaptor plug included