A New Trend in Cleansing

Have you tried the 60 second rule yet? (We don’t mean the amount of time that is socially acceptable to eat food that has fallen on the ground!)

Lead esthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith of LABeautyologist is a firm believer in washing your face with your preferred cleanser for 60 seconds, effectively allowing the cleansers ingredients to really penetrate the skin.

Makeup, dirt and oil are a lot harder to remove from the skin than most people realize. By taking 60 seconds, twice daily, out of your daily regime your cleanser breaks down and dissolves products and grime from the skins surface.

Over time, with the combined increase of circulation due to the extra time and care, skin can become brighter, less congested, less irritated and overall healthier.

We think it is well worth a try. Take a look at some of our favourite cleansers below: