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Acne Out - Active Cream

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Acne Out - Active Cream
Acne Out - Active Cream

Acne Out - Active Cream

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Active Cream

Acne Out - Active cream is designed especially for oily and acne-prone skin with predominantly underneath pimples. It quickly impacts the sebum secretion which prevents the appearance of new breakouts and blackheads.
This active cream slightly exfoliates and mattifies the skin. It contains vitamin A and E which demonstrate antioxidant effects and stimulates cell regeneration.
Remains efficient even if used for a long period of time, and does not induce skin photosensitivity.
Suitable for:
Oily skin prone to acne
Face and body
Visible imperfections – underneath breakouts, blackheads
Long-term use
Active ingredients:
Vitamin E – powerful antioxidant, enhancing skin protection and reduces its trans-epidermal water loss; anti-inflammatory effect; improves skin elasticity and has a nourishing effect
Retinyl palmitate / Vitamin А – nourishing, refreshing and rejuvenating effect; stimulates and activates cell renewal, enhances skin collagen
Niacinamide / Vitamin B3 – maintains healthy skin condition, beneficial impact over various skin infections, and improves blood circulation
PASC – broad-band action non-antibiotic complex
Lanolin – nourishes and hydrates the skin
Glycerine – soothes, hydrates, and increases elasticity of the skin, preventing its dehydration and improves its protection
Methenamine – broad-spectrum antibacterial ingredient
How to use:
Twice a day – morning and evening – apply the cream on cleansed skin, and only onto the affected areas on the face or body.
Moisturising cream and/or makeup to be applied at least 10-15 minutes after the lotion.
After using the active cream wash your hands with water!
The cream does not contain parabens.
Aqua, paraffinum liquidum, cetearyl alcohol, peg-30 lanolin, peg-75 lanolin, rosa damascena flower water, niacinamide, glycerin, dimethicone, tocopheryl acetate, retinyl palmitate, titanium dioxide, tetrasodium edta, methenamine, parfum, citronellol, geraniol