Ardell Lift Effect 745

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Lift Effect 745

Get instantly defined curls with Ardell's Lift Effect 745. This pair of strip lashes create a stunning open-eye effect that makes any eye pop! Tailored with short minimal counts of lash strands for a natural look and feel! Ideal for everyday makeup in the office, at school or for just about any day you’re feeling chichi. The right curl combined with a rounded style - you definitely will flutter away any bad vibes for the day!
  • Unique, Layered Lash Curl: The curls are expertly designed with overlaid patterns delivering a more unique yet very natural statement. Just the right amount to naturally lift, open and widen your eyes making readjustments much easier and not look overdone. Great for first-time lash users who aim a subtle zhoosh without looking too dramatic. Because being stylish doesn’t always mean going for more.
  • Light Volume, Short Length: Made with super-fine and short-length lash fibers that will make you love a simple look all the more. Totally lightweight, easy on the lids, and perfect to finish off with any eyeliner without feeling heavy. The shortness of the fibers won’t interfere with their softness and is never stiff and fake-looking. The perf choice to set that short but sweet mood for the day!
  • Wide, Rounded Lash Style: The strip lashes are styled where longer fibers are in the center and shorter ones are fixed on the inner and outer corners. Your best choice if you’re looking for the right lashes that will emphasise the natural shape of your small eyes. Creates a more youthful and playful look that not only you but also onlookers will love!
  • Invisible Lash Band: Because excellent falsies come with reliable lash bands! Crafted with a clear, transparent lash band that is ideal. Especially when you're going for a casual daytime look with no colours or eyeliners at all. Easy peasy, no need to cover up. Great for beginners or even daily lash users who are always on the go!


Synthetic PBT Fibres