Biabelle - The 3D Lash Collection

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Brand: Biabelle

The 3D Lash Collection

Biabelle have a wide variety of lashes to suit everyone’s unique style, from subtle and natural to bold and dramatic. These lashes are Handmade luxurious lashes. They are reusable up to 20 times. (Lash glue sold separately) 

Jasmine 3D

The Jasmine 3D lash is one of Biabelle's biggest and boldest lashes. This style is perfect for a night out, full of life with a sexy vibe. This lash would go perfectly with a dark smokey eye, and with the 3D effect it is a real show stopper.

Dolly 3D

The Dolly lash is one of Biabelle's more dramatic style lashes. This lash gives extra length with a gorgeous curl to really bring out your eyes. With the new 3D effect and their extra fluffiness, they really are a must have for your makeup kit. 

Cutie 3D

The details in the name, Cutie! This Lash is guaranteed to bring your look together perfectly with that extra bit of sass. The 3D effect on this lash gives it an extra full and fluffy look, perfect for a night out.


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