Bondi Sands Glo

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Bondi Sands Glo

Bondi Sands GLO Lights Highlighter is an easy-to-use highlighter with a cream-to-powder formulation, available in shades of Pearl, Gold and Bronze. Amazingly buildable, go for a subtle glow or go all out for the most outrageous luminosity!

Which shade should I use?

You can choose your GLO Lights shade based on your skin tone – Pearl for fair complexions, Gold for medium complexions and Bronze for deep complexions, or based on the makeup look you are trying to achieve – i.e. use Gold GLO Lights for a gold-based look.
Alternatively, you can mix and match all three shades for the ultimate glow! For example, use Gold on the cheek bones, Bronze on your eyelids, and Pearl to highlight your collar bones.

How to use:

Use GLO Lights as a targeted highlighter to sculpt out and enhance your bone structure. Apply to high points on your face and body where the light naturally hits. Apply with your fingertips or an appropriate brush. Continue to build until you achieve your desired intensity.

Mix a little of GLO Lights with your favourite moisture and apply for all-over glow.

Australian Made. Vegan & Cruelty Free.