Bondi Sands - Technocolor Application Mitt

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Bondi Sands - Technocolor Application Mitt



Bondi Sands Technocolour Self Tan Application Mitt enables the application of a streak-free tan while keeping hands stain free. Washable and reusable, this doublesided Application Mitt features a thumb grip to easily blend and buff product into skin for flawless results. Perfect for use with all Bondi Sands products.

Created for every skin tone and type, Bondi Sands Technocolour understands skin for optimal results. With DermachromaticTM Colour Technology, our formula
enhances skin for a natural outcome with every application. Paired with our Technocolour Self Tanning Application Mitt, Technocolour offers a unique self tanning experience, made just for you. 

Dermachromatic TM Colour Technology is scientifically developed in line with clinical trials for optimum results, perfectly blending active ingredients, hydration and colour tone to best enhance your skin's tone and colour longevity. "


Suitable for all skin types


How to use


  • Step 1 For an even streak free tan, ensure your skin is clean, exfoliated and free of any moisturisers.
  • Step 2 Apply desired amount of Bondi Sands product to the Application Mitt. Use a long, sweeping motion to apply product to legs, arms and body. Use remaining residue on mitt for face, elbows and knees.
  • Step 3 Rinse mitt with warm water and allow to dry thoroughly after every use.




70% Polyester, 20% Polyurethane Sponge, 10% PU Layer.