Catrice - Brow Fix Soap Stylist

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Brand: catrice

Catrice - Brow Fix Soap Stylist

An instant lifting effect and long-lasting volume for your eyebrows.

Do you have thinner, less pronounced or messy-looking eyebrows? No problem! The Catrice Brow Fix Soap Stylist fixing wax lifts and shapes them instantly to get the look you want. The lifting effect makes brows appear fuller and gives them breathtaking volume. And if you want to achieve an even bolder look, you can use this maximum-strength wax as a primer for your brow mascara – meaning the colour lasts longer and increases in intensity.


  • delivers an instant lifting effect for your eyebrows
  • gives them extra volume and a visibly fuller look
  • helps to shape and fix the eyebrows in this shape
  • is extremely durable and long-lasting
  • has a soapy consistency that is applied after wetting it
  • it is also suitable as a primer for eyebrow mascara
  • extends colour intensity for the eyebrows


  • vegan product

How to apply:
Spray a little water or fixing spray onto the soapy consistency of the Catrice Brow Fix Soap Stylist brow fixing wax. Then take some wax by running a dampened brush over it to comb and shape your brows into the desired shape. Can be removed with warm water.