EyebrowQueen - Brow Lamination Kit

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Say HELLO to the EyebrowQueen Brow Lamination Kit. This gentle eyebrow lamination system is designed to separate, straighten and lift eyebrow hairs for a fuller-looking, brushed-up effect.

Set Contents:

Pro Lift Lamination Kit (10 x 0.5g)
A brow lamination kit combining two creams designed to place stubborn and downward growing eyebrow hairs into a new position. The perming solution works to break down bonds in the hair structure to allow them to be reworked, while the neutralising solution helps to fix hairs in place. Includes spoolie's and micro-brush applicators Provides up to five treatments.

Brow Serum 5ml
An eyebrow serum that works to nourish hair follicles and promote healthier, stronger and thicker-looking hairs. Designed for use after brow lamination to condition eyebrows.


Apply a very small amount of Pro Lift Up
Step 1 cream onto clean eyebrows using a micro-brush. Leave for 3-4 minutes. Stubborn hairs may require longer - up to 5 mins. Remove product with a cotton bud in an upward motion and brush hairs up.
Step 2 cream onto eyebrows using a micro-brush and immediately brush hairs into desired position using the spoolie brush. Leave for 3-4 minutes. Remove product with a dry cotton pad in and upwards motion ensuring all product is removed.

Brush serum onto brows to set into place. Use nightly to keep eyebrows conditioned. Do not wash, wet, tint or tweeze eyebrows for 24 hours.