FOREO UFO™ Fuchsia

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Brand: FOREO

FOREO UFO™ Fuchsia

UFO smart mask device is designed to turn your 20-minute sheet mask treatment into a 90-second treat. This Swedish device works with a range of potent Korean-inspired masks and expert routines, each optimised to address specific skin concerns. Choose the mask your skin needs and enjoy hydrated, lifted and firm skin.

Connect UFO with “FOREO for you” app to get the most out of the device. Each treatment incorporates a carefully chosen combination of temperature and pulsation intensity for maximum effect and soothing facial massage: heating enhances mask ingredient penetration by opening the pores. LED light therapy combines red LED (anti-aging), green LED (brightening), and blue LED (anti-acne), while cooling reduces puffiness and firms the skin. Say goodbye to traditional masks and say hello to Korean skincare revolution!

Packaging includes UFO device, USB Charger, Quick Start Guide, Basic Manual


1. Secure the mask to UFO.
2. Press the button to turn on and activate the Make My Day Treatment. Press again to activate the Call It a Night Treatment.

USB-rechargeable, lightweight, and portable – so you can treat yourself to the full UFO mini experience anywhere.

100% waterproof design is easy to clean between uses and included stand keeps your UFO mini where it belongs – on display.

To use:
1. Getting Started: Download the FOREO app and follow the instructions to pair your UFO mini. In the app, scan the mask barcode and the corresponding treatment will automatically sync to your UFO mini and you are ready to start your treatment directly from the app.

2. Prep for Use: Remove the attachment ring from UFO mini, and remove UFO Activated Mask from sachet. Secure mask on device by clipping the attachment ring back into place, with the FOREO logo facing up.

3. ​Enjoy: Gently glide UFO mini across clean, dry skin and massage the formula in using circular motions until the device turns off, indicating the end of your treatment. Dispose of the mask and rinse UFO mini under running water.

4. Finishing Touch: Use your fingers to gently pat any remaining essence into your skin, until it is fully absorbed. Follow with your favourite moisturiser.


  • Sustainable

    Premium quality & a product life of years, with no replacement parts required. Ever.

  • Cruelty-free & Vegan

    No animals were used in the development and testing of this product.

  • Staggering battery life

    USB rechargeable with up to 90 uses per single charge.

  • Hygienic & Waterproof

    Made of bacteria-resistant silicone,100% waterproof, easy to clean.