Indeed Laboratories Collagen Booster

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An incredibly potent, concentrated formula, the Indeed Labs Collagen Booster revitalises the surface of your skin for a radiant finish. Targeting elasticity and firmness in particular, skin will appear healthier as though it's brimming with vitality and youth. Helping to maintain normal levels of collagen, skin will feel stronger and more resilient while looking smoother.

Using an innovative Syn®-Tacks™ complex, a blend of two different peptides, the booster serum creates the illusion of volume, which is often lost as skin ages. It helps to restore suppleness for a softer, springier touch that sags less. Matrixyl™ Synthe’6™ helps to make fine lines and wrinkles less prominent, focussing on crow’s feet and forehead creases in particular, which are common areas of concern. An all-round anti-ageing superhero, the serum has a lightweight texture, ensuring it can be easily layered with a wide range of other products to complete your skincare routine.

Free from fragrances, parabens, denatured alcohol, mineral oil, SLS & SLES, and phthalates.