INGLOT Endless Glow Liquid Illuminator

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Brand: Inglot

INGLOT Endless Glow Liquid Illuminator

Take your inner glow to the next level of illumination with the Inglot x Maura Endless Glow Liquid Illuminators available in two deliciously golden shades ‘Gilded Glow’ and ‘Bronze Glow’. This lightweight, glow boosting primer will not only extend your makeup game by HOURS, it also moisturises the skin whilst minimising the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Get your glow on with lightly bronzed champagne shade ‘Gilded Glow’ or experience the illumination of dreams with deep hazelnut shade ‘Bronze Glow’. For a natural, champagne glow, use shade Gilded Glow all over or on the high points of the face!

What it takes to create that Endless Glow..

  • White Truffle Extract aids in toning the skin and maintaining moisture balance which in turn cares for the skin and adds to the natural glowing effect,
  • Glow Boosting HD Pigments reflect the light for that ultimate glowing from within look,
  • Biosaccharides improve moisture and work to increase the longevity of your makeup.