Inglot Smoothing Under Eye Powder

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Brand: Inglot

 Inglot Smoothing Under Eye Powder

There are many factors that influence the condition of the skin under the eyes. This area of the face, the skin is thinner, extremely delicate and sensitive.
It deserves the cosmetics that were created especially for this area. The formulas have to be light, highlighting or mattifying such as the Inglot Smoothing Under Eye Powder.
Created especially for the delicate skin, the powder perfectly smoothens, gently mattifies and ensures a natural-looking finish in the eye area. The lightweight formula leaves the skin smooth and gives the feeling of comfort for many hours. Only a small amount of this semi-transparent powder is enough to naturally matte
and prolong the makeup. The powder is available in 3 colours, perfect for all skin shades.
It visually smoothens and evens out the skin tone. Enriched in Vitamin E, emollients and biosaccha̶ide, that cares for the skin.
The HD pigments and pearl dust in the formula ensures a satin finish, leaving the skin looking healthy and radiant.
Inglot Smoothing Under Eye Powder does not d̶ry out the skin and does not cause concealer to change the colour. It is suitable for all skin types. Can also be applied with a loose powder applicator, b̶rush or a wet sponge. 

Comes in 3 Shades