Plouise Colour Base

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Brand: Plouise

P.Louise Coloured Eye Bases have been designed to inject flashes of colour into your eye makeup using the easiest method possible. The super creamy consistency allows you to create fluid, effortless designs in the blink of an eye.

Challenge yourself and dare to break the rules of conventional makeup to create designs with increased vibrancy, sass and attitude with our pastel bases.

The P.Louise Base is a revolutionary formula designed to help simplify blending by enhancing product build-up and intensifying shadows to make them pop! The bases make even your least performing eye-shadow palettes work!

The P.Louise Base is also a multi-use product saving you babes on spending!

It can be used to:

– Cut the crease
– Prime the lid
– In the waterline
– As lip and body art
– As winged liner
– Fine details
– Enhance shadow pay-off

Join the P.Louise hype!