Polished London LMD Ultra Whitening Toothpaste 100ml

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Ultra Whitening Toothpaste 


Polished London's Ultra Whitening Formula features a unique blend of ingredients that helps to promote healthy teeth and gums. Use in place of your regular toothpaste to remove and prevent the build-up of stains, gradually whiten teeth, freshen breath and fight bacteria.

Key Benefits:

  • Boosts oral health for stronger, whiter teeth.
  • Contains natural flavour oils derived from wild mint and peppermint leaves
  • Brilliant deep cleaning using sodium bicarbonate
  • SLS free
  • Suitable for use with veneers and composite bonding
  • Safe to use during pregnancy
  • Safe for breastfeeding mothers
  • Cruelty free PETA approved
  • Vegan friendly


100ml Ultra Whitening Toothpaste x1

Safety Advice

Not suitable for anyone under the age of 16. Products should only be used as directed and are not to be swallowed. Please check the ingredients list if you have known allergies.

How to use:

Brush twice daily for 2 minutes