Rebeluna X Ruth Bergin The Signature Sponge With Holder

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Brand: Rebeluna

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The Signature Sponge With Holder


A beautifully soft sponge to create a flawless airbrushed finish. A hugely versatile product which can be used to apply foundation, concealer, cream and liquid blush, highlight and contour.

The Ruth Bergin Signature Sponge has been hailed as better than any other and also comes with a unique sponge holder to keep your sponge clean and tidy (they also look super cute).

How to use:

Use wet or dry to create a perfect finish. We recommend using the sponge damp for best application.

How to clean:

To wash use antibacterial detergent or Rebeluna x Mume brush/sponge soap. Wet sponge, lather, rinse until water runs clear. Allow to air dry in an open space or holder provided.

Comes with unique Sponge Holder