Sculpted By Aimee Bronze Base 35ml

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Welcome Bronze Base A fuss-free face tanner to give you a total bronzed glow this Summer! SBA are out to simplify the whole face tanning process with this launch that gives a layer of sunkissed skin over-night.

It contains hyaluronic acid for added hydration and VIT E for skin nourishing and best of all their Limited Edition pack contains a complimentary mini buffer face tan brush to say bye-bye to fake tan hands.


Light/ Medium - This is ideal if you are fairer or like a more natural colour. Apply 1-3 drops for a light glow or 3-6 for a deeper glow.

Medium/Dark - This is perfect if you are someone who is naturally sallow or likes to wear fake tan. Apply 1-3 drops for a light glow or 3-6 for a deeper glow.

How to use:

1) Dispense your desired amount of pumps onto your brush and blend onto moisturised skin, neck and ears if you'd like.

2) Or mix Bronze Base into your serum/moisturiser for a more natural result. Jump into bed and let Bronze Base work its magic overnight! Its fast-absorbing, streak-free with no fake tan smell.