Semilac - 06 Nail Art Transfer Foil Black Lace

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Brand: Semilac

Semilac Transfer Foil Black Lace is a special black foil with a pattern intended for nail art. This is a quick, easy and impressive manicure.

The Semilac transfer foil can be applied to the entire nail or create patterns of a specific shape - choose what you prefer. Black, patterned lace foil is best combined with white, nude and grey shades. The foil gives the nail design elegance, and its non-obvious pattern, full of abstract depth, attracts attention. It works great as a small element of nail styling, even on one nail. The Semilac transfer foil will work in the hybrid and gel method. To apply it, we recommend using Semilac Transfer Foil Glue, however, the foil can also be glued to the hardened layer of hybrid varnish or a standard gel polish top coat (with a dispersion layer!).