Sosu By SJ - Seven Deadly Sins Lashes

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Brand: Sosu

7 Deadly Sins Lash Collection

Lash Description:

Lust - Fluffy and flirty, LUST are the lashes you can’t get enough of.

Desire - Striking, lust worthy length, your obsession has never been so real with DESIRE.

Envy - Subtle, sexy, ENVY inducing flutter will leave her wanting what you have.

Wrath - Bigger, darker, bolder lashes, WRATH will cast a spell on you.

Greed - With voluminous flutter and intense density you will get it all with GREED.

Pride - With full bodied, stand-out volume, PRIDE will assure you your lashes are better than hers!

Vanity - Wonderfully wispy yet dramatically glam, if you weren’t you, you’d want to be you with VANITY.

Feather light with an invisible band
Easy application and an undetectable finish
Completely cruelty free
3D Synthetic Fibres

How to use:
Trim the lash as necessary to fit your eye.
Always allow glue to get tacky, leave for 30-60 seconds before applying.
After each wear use your SOSU by SJ tweezers to remove excess glue, brushing them through with a spoolie before popping into your Lash Case for safe keeping.

Synthetic Fibres